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Коментар Marali

This is the most frustrating quest grind ever. I have been looking for a power core for 3 hours. I have killed at least 200 of these War Reavers if not more!

In the middle of all this a blood elf along comes and starts stealing my quest items. When I ask him to please stop he replies with «lol u did it 2 me.» the only other time I’d seen him was after I had killed about 5 of them, he started looting the ones farthest from me so I ran over to get the rest. I guess those were «his.» Oh well I apologized for looting «his» and moved on.

For ranged if you kill the Game away from you the item has a chance of spawning near your feet, check there first.

They can spawn under the Reavers so be sure to loot them all and do a quick mouse over.

Obsidian Piston, Flux Exhaust Sieve and Thorium Gearshaft stack to 20. -.-

Now I have a night elf hunter following around me and stealing them. What a jerk, I think I’ll attempt this frustrating grind later.

Коментар dankoleary

Drop rate is pretty bad on the stone power core. Took me about 25 to find one

Коментар kiwipearlsnz

Sometimes the fel game will land on the part and cover it up. So run your mouse over the dead fel reaver until you see the cog wheel.

I think it helps to the loot body first too ?

Коментар Guzz

From my experience, every killed golem will spawn the «War Game Parts». The problem is, the Game (for me) many times falls on top of it, obscuring it.

If you happen to kill one and are unable to find the part, instead of continuing to kill these until you get lucky enough to get a part that does falls to the side..

  • Stand about where the chin on the Golem is.
  • Scroll your mouse wheel into first person mode.
  • Look straight down.

You’ll see the War Game Part under the chest of the golem and will be able to interact with it in this manner, causing you to not have to kill a plethora golems of extra.

If you don’t see the part under the Golem’s chest directly or next to it, I’ve seen it as far as possibly 30 yards away.

Also to note is the order that they are listed in the quest:

  • Flux Exhaust Sieve
  • Obsidian Piston
  • Thorium Gearshaft
  • Stone Power Core

Appears to be the order of their rarity with top being most common to bottom being most rare. You will be presented with a choice each time, so keep track because even if you have obtained all the necessary parts of a specific type, you can still select that one. Ensure that you try to start from the bottom of the list and work up when presented.

Коментар wharris

Guide to Burning Steppes quests:

Короткий опис статті: лом Уничтожьте боевых разорителей в Руинах Тауриссана, затем соберите среди выпавших деталей 3 обсидиановых поршня, 3 фильтра выхлопных газов, 3 ториевых приводных вала и 1 каменный сердечник. A level 49 Пылающие степи Задание Лом с големов, Задание, screenshot, 4.0.1

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